Camp Solomon Schechter

Schechter provides a fun, safe and welcoming camp setting:
1) Where youth create their own unique Jewish community, thereby becoming independent, caring individuals who are connected to Judaism, Israel and their local Jewish communities; and
2) Steeped in the values of integrity, respect and equitable treatment. Our natural setting, open to all, is a unique and inspiring setting that promotes a sense of community and personal growth through art, culture, sports and environmental education.

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Address: 117 E Louisa St Ste 110
Seattle, WA 98102-3203
Phone Number: 206-447-1967
EIN: 93-0572590
Schechter was founded in 1954 to provide fun, friendship, and Jewish education to youth of the Pacific Northwest. Today, Schechter continues to fulfill its original mission while expanding the diversity of its programming and opening camp to many uses that benefit the regional community.

Jewish Summer Camp: Schechter emphasizes the values of integrity, respect and repairing the world through sports, art and nature to create our ideal Jewish community. Camp builds Jewish identity and commitment, raises self-confidence, develops decision-making skills, improves social skills and enables campers to discover talents and abilities they never knew they had.

OSPREY Camp: OSPREY Camp is designed to provide students from schools in the region with a powerful application of science concepts as they live and learn in the outdoors. It continues to evolve and improve, adjusting to reflect changes in scientific understanding and school requirements.

Stampfer Retreat Center: Our beautiful, affordable facility creates the perfect setting for conferences, retreats and special events; exclusively available to nonprofits, schools, tribes, religious groups and government.

Environmental Stewardship: Schechter maintains a 180-acre dynamic greenbelt shaped by the region's glacial past. This includes a kettle lake, kettle bog, pristine forest & wetlands, and the Deschutes River. The kettle bog, formed over 10,000 years ago, is the only one of its kind in Washington and sustains unique wildlife.