Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking

Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking (BEST) is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that involves employers in the efforts to prevent human trafficking. BEST is committed to ending labor trafficking, which includes situations of debt bondage, forced labor, and involuntary child labor; as well as sex trafficking, which uses force, fraud, or coercion to compel a person into commercial sex work (such as prostitution), or involves a minor in a commercial sex act.

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Address: P.O. Box 14512
Seattle, WA 98114
Phone Number: 206-724-8246
EIN: 45-5046786
BEST helps prevent human trafficking by changing the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors that allow trafficking to happen in or around the workplace, or with company resources. Some astounding statistics about sex trafficking and the workplace:

- A peak time for buying sex online is 2:00 pm.
- 22 percent of sex buyers admitted to having purchased sex while traveling for business purposes.
- Three out of four prostituted people surveyed reported meeting clients on company property.
- 80 percent of 104 people who were charged with soliciting sex from children were found to work for private sector businesses, in the following industries: Transportation, Retail, Professional Business Services, Construction, Manufacturing, Information Technology.

BEST is dedicated to informing employers about the risks that human trafficking poses to their business reputation, but also about the legal ramifications that businesses open themselves to when employees participate in human trafficking activity. BEST works with business leaders to create workplace polices that strongly oppose trafficking, and BEST offers employee training curriculums that help people be able to identify and report the signs of human trafficking.

BEST also helps people who have been exploited obtain safe, stable employment. The number one barrier individuals face when attempting to re-build their lives after escaping a trafficker is a lack of employment opportunities. BEST's Safe Jobs program works with local employers to place survivors into permanent, supportive employment positions.
A HUGE thank you to BEST's Board members and special donors, who contributed to this year's matching pool in order to maximize your donations!