Books to Prisoners

Books to Prisoners (BTP) provides free books to individual prisoners in the United States. The organization's primary purposes are to aid and foster the literacy and self-education of all prisoners in the United States, to encourage volunteer participation in aiding prisoners' literacy and education, and to disseminate information to the general public about these efforts.

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Address: 92 Pike St # A
Seattle, WA 98101-2025
Phone Number: 206-527-3339
EIN: 91-6172244
BTP is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that sends books to prisoners in the United States. According to the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy, the prison population has a substantially lower level of literacy that the general population.  BTP believes that books are tools for learning and opening minds to new ideas and possibilities. By sending books to prisoners, we hope to foster a love of reading, encourage the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement, and improve a prisoner’s chance of successfully re-entering into society.
BTP received a 'Light a Fire' award from Seattle Metropolitan Magazine in 2012, and a Human Rights Award from the City of Seattle's Office of Civil Rights in 2015.
BTP was able to employ a single part-time coordinator from 2014 thanks to a distribution from a cy pres legal decision in 2013. These funds expired at the end of 2016. A generous anonymous donor has allowed for BTP to continue with a paid part-time coordinator. No donations through GiveBig are used to fund our part-time employee.