Blue Earth Alliance

Blue Earth Alliance believes visual storytelling inspires positive change. We provide fiscal sponsorship and other assistance to documentary photographers and filmmakers whose projects highlight critical environmental and social issues around the world.

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Address: 4557 51st Pl SW
Seattle, WA 98116-3901
Phone Number: 206-569-8754
EIN: 91-1682270
Founded in 1996, Blue Earth Alliance supports documentary photographers and filmmakers in their efforts to educate and engage the public, and policy makers, about important social, environmental and cultural issues. We accept applications twice per year and extend our 501c3 status and fiscal sponsorship to a select number of projects. Those who receive sponsorship are then eligible to receive funding through grants and fellowships not available to individuals. Our project photographers also receive mentorship, access to a community of collaborative professionals and a larger platform for regional, national and international exposure. Blue Earth Alliance has produced five annual Collaborations for Cause conferences that have brought together photographers, filmmakers, agencies and organizations for shared learning and impact. We also host bi-monthly Seattle gatherings to provide informal opportunities for industry networking and support. For more information please visit