Birthday Dreams

Birthday Dreams brings joy, hope and dignity to homeless children with the gift of a birthday party.

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Address: PO Box 2722
Renton, WA 98056-0722
Phone Number: 425-988-3954
EIN: 26-4667553
Birthday Dreams partners with more than seventy five shelters in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties to provide cake, presents and birthday cheer to homeless children. Many of the families we assist are trying so hard to just survive another day and the children have never celebrated a birthday. These children carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Birthday Dreams ensures that these children get one day to be the center of attention, and experience a simple moment of pure joy.

Why support Birthday Dreams? There are many wonderful organizations that help homeless families with food, shelter, finding jobs, and other services. At Christmas, the children receive gifts and stockings provided by generous donors. When we try to imagine the tragedy from a child's point of view - of losing your home, your possessions, staying with friends whenever possible, living in cars or on the streets - it is heartbreaking. Thanks to wonderful volunteers and donors, Birthday Dreams is able to bring joy, hope and dignity to a child who has known so many hardships by making sure they are celebrated on their birthday.

A birthday celebration does not just provide joy for one day. The excitement of planning the party, inviting friends, and then the fun celebration all culminate in the spirits being raised. Children often find that because they invited classmates to their party, they are now invited to the birthday celebrations of their classmates. Birthday parties can be a great social equalizer. They can now feel like they are on equal social footing with their peers. All these things together give them hope for a brighter future and inspire happiness.
Thank you to the Jamison and Dobbs families for providing matching funds. In addition to their generous donations, their employers will also be matching. So your donations, will essentially be tripled. Help us reach our $10,000 GiveBIG goal. That will be 80 more homeless children who will be celebrated.