Birds connect us with the joy and wonder of nature. By telling vivid, sound-rich stories about birds and the challenges they face, BirdNote inspires listeners to care about the natural world - and take steps to protect it.

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Birds, nature, and conservation are for all!

BirdNote stories open the door to conservation, bridge the gap between individuals with differing viewpoints on the environment, and reach those who may be less aware of the needs of birds. BirdNote acts as a powerful public megaphone for environmental awareness, and our stories support the missions of many other bird conservation and environmental organizations.

BirdNote is also in a unique position to share a multitude of different voices and perspectives, telling stories of the transformative power of nature from communities across the nation.

BirdNote has just celebrated its fourteenth anniversary. That's fourteen years of joyful storytelling that invites all listeners in, and energizes them to action. It's fourteen years of daily stories, rooted in science, shared with 220+ stations nationally, reaching an estimated 2.1 million daily listeners. It's fourteen years of building awareness about birds, the habitats they need to thrive, and the everyday champions who inspire us to make better choices with birds in mind.

And we've only just begun.

BirdNote's goals are to double and diversify our audience to make an even greater impact on listener awareness and action on behalf of birds. In the year ahead, we plan to produce more great stories for the legacy broadcast you love, new longer-form storytelling through podcast, video and social media, and new education initiatives to get stories about birds into the ears (and hearts) of young people across the country.

The challenges to birds and their habitats are growing by the day, and your support has never been more important. Your gift will help BirdNote tell our stories in new ways for new audiences, be a powerful voice for birds on a national stage, and be a daily reminder of what is worth fighting to protect.

Thank you for your support.

Special thanks to Sarah Merner and Craig McKibben, Thomas and Annalee Luhman, Kim Wells and Robert Haugland, Jerry Tone and Martha Wyckoff, and the anonymous donors who are providing matching challenge funds for BirdNote's GiveBIG.

BirdNote is a listener supported, independent media program made possible by hundreds of donors who share our belief that a good story, well told, has the power to raise awareness and inspire action. We are truly grateful for your support.