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Bellevue Schools Foundation partners with the community to provide the best possible educational opportunities to every Bellevue School District student, in every classroom, every day.

Together, we support students and educational innovations, like a groundbreaking K-12 Computer Science Initiative, that prepare all students to thrive in school and life.

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Address:PO Box 40644 12241 Main Street, Bldg. 5
Bellevue, WA 98015-4644
Phone Number:425-456-4199
Thank you to the Ballmer Group and a generous anonymous donor for contributing to our matching pool and inspiring our donors to give BIG and to give MORE.
It's a fact. Computer science and computational thinking are foundational 21st-century skills. Yet few students have access to quality programs in our schools.

You can change the story. Your GiveBIG donation will fund a groundbreaking K-12 Computer Science Initiative that's smashing stereotypes about "who can be good at computer science" by providing computer science and critical thinking skills to every Bellevue School District student, starting in kindergarten. By integrating these skills into core curriculum, computer science is becoming a native language for all students, opening learning and career pathways to girls and historically underrepresented students who have traditionally fallen through the cracks.

You can help 'disrupt' this tradition and forge new ones:
• BSD teachers have introduced computer science to 4,000 students by embedding it into subjects like math, art, science, language arts, and social studies.
• Materials developed by our educators are made available as free resources-exponentially amplifying the power of your GiveBig gift by enabling districts with fewer resources to benefit from Bellevue's leading-edge program.

GiveBIG today. Help us reach our $50,000 goal and bring this exciting program to an additional 500 Bellevue School District students.

Thank you for transforming education and supporting exceptional learning opportunities for every Bellevue School District student, every day. Learn more about the initiative supported by Foundation donors at Learn more about Bellevue Schools Foundation and our extensive program portfolio at