Backpackmeals Bellevue

Backpack Meals provides nutritious food for youth who are homeless or living in households who are experiencing food instability.Our mission is to strengthen our community by feeding students who are hungry so that they are able to continue their education.

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Address: 6947 Coal Creek Pkwy SE # 120
Newcastle, WA 98059-3136
Phone Number: 425-221-8544
EIN: 94-3036001
Sunrise Rotary has provided a grant to match funds up to $2500.00.
Backpack Meals Board
Cheryl Kuhn, Board Chair, Board Members: Lara Brown,Janet Farness, Farida Hakim, Ken Ho,Bill Perry,Jan Starr, Jan Stout.
Donors include: The Windermere Foundation. The Bellevue Fire Fighter Foundation. Factoria Sunrise Rotary,.Assistance League of Eastside. Microsoft Matching.Lehmbecker Law Firm. Many faith communities including the Muslim Community Resource Center, Holy Cross Lutheran, East Shore Unitarian, St. Margarets Episcopal Church, Aldersgate United Methodist, Bellevue Christian Church, St. Louise Parish, Church of the Resurrection. Also, many individuals and families living on the eastside donate to backpack meals. . Backpack Meals is a sub agency of Eastside Pathways.

Backpack Meals is a group of volunteers who provide weekend meals each during the school year for 300 to 350 youth in Bellevue schools ages 12-18  who would otherwise go hungry. Hunger is a problem for many people in Bellevue. There are over 200 known homeless students in Bellevue and 3,679  students who receive free or reduced lunch because they live in poverty. We learned from a Bellevue School staff who assists children who are homeless,  that many  students were coming to school on Monday hungry and unable to focus on school work. Without adequate nutrition, students have difficulty focusing in school, get sick oftener and are more likely to have behavior problems.  In 2012 we organized to fill the gap. Our only funding comes from individual community members who care, Windermere Foundation, Factoria Sunrise Rotary, and local churches.   Our goal is to provide nutritious,  kid friendly meals  that are  easy to prepare,so  that if the child is home alone, she can  can heat in a microwave.  We provide individual microwaveable entrees, fruits, vegetable, milk and snacks which kids can easily take home in the backpack we provide or their own. At some schools we provide breakfast if the school does not have a Federal program. We provide food during summer school.