ArtsEd Washington

ArtsEd Washington advances arts education for all Washington K-12 students. Through leadership, partnership, and communication, we work to ensure that arts learning is provided to students in every school, during the school day. ArtsEd Washington creates enduring system-wide change to make certain that every student receives instruction in music, dance, theater, media arts, and visual art as part of their basic education.

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Phone Number: 206-550-8540
EIN: 91-1189441
Research shows that high-quality, sequential arts education plays a positive role in both social and academic outcomes for students, especially those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Arts learning increases student engagement, which in turn increases attendance and graduation rates. The arts significantly impact student achievement, prepare students for college and careers, and enhance social and emotional learning. Children who are sequentially educated in the arts have a better chance of developing the 21st Century Skills of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, all of which are crucial for success in tomorrow's workforce.

The arts are one of the core subjects required to be taught in Washington state schools, but this requirement is not being met. Underfunding and a lack of understanding of the value and benefits of arts learning means many public schools have cut back or even eliminated their arts programs. Students in low-income communities are even less likely to get high-quality, standards-based arts learning during school hours than their counterparts in more affluent schools, which exacerbates inequality in our education system.

We address this opportunity gap by building the capacity of educators to deliver standards-based arts learning. ArtsEd WA is dedicated to creating systemic change in how arts education is perceived, funded, and taught in our schools. Our approach represents an innovative strategy, focusing on the big-picture elements of lasting change and taking a system-wide approach that will ultimately be most sustainable. Thousands of K-12 students have benefited from ArtsEd WA programs that help educators envision and provide effective arts learning. Help us ensure that every student at every school gets the arts advantage!