Annex Theatre

Annex Theatre is a democratic collective of theatre artists dedicated to creating bold new work in an environment of improbability, resourcefulness, and risk.

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Address:1122 East Pike Street #1440
Seattle, WA 98122
Phone Number:206-728-0933
In addition to new plays by living playwrights, Annex produces radical reinterpretations of classic scripts, ensemble-generated non-linear spectacles, and dynamic solo performances, as well as our monthly late-night variety show Spin the Bottle, now in its 20th year. All productions are chosen by the Annex company as a whole, through a process of proposals, interviews, readings, frenzied argument, and final consensus. Annex has produced upwards of 300 individual performances during its 30 year history.

A partial list of Annex's Awards
In 2013 Annex Theatre was awarded "Theatre of the Year" at the annual Gregory Awards, organized by Theatre Puget Sound
In 2016 Annex Theatre was awarded the Mayor's "Arts Legacy Award" on the eve of the 30th year of continuous production