Akropolis Performance Lab

To connect the performer with individual & collective memory, fantasy & myth through psycho-physical exercises & paratheatrical activity; investigate means of communicating inner process through precise, dynamic use of poetry, song, movement, dance & action; create simple, engaging performance events at the confluence of artists' personal resources & traditional (artistic, cultural) material; & reveal through detailed, rigorous performance the impulses of the human psyche toward states of grace.

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Website: http://www.akropolisperformancelab.com
Address: 19847 35th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98155
Email: ensemble@akropolisperformancelab.com
Phone Number: 206-856-6925
EIN: 11-3451703
Akropolis Performance Lab is an ensemble-based theatre company founded in Seattle in 2000 by Co-Artistic Directors Joseph and Zhenya Lavy.

Ours is an artisanal approach, favoring exquisite creation, subtly nuanced for small audiences, questioning intellects, and individual experience. An Akropolis production opens only when the art is ready. Through ongoing ensemble training as well as extended exploration and rehearsal processes, APL crafts deeply layered performance experiences at the intersection of source material, cultural heritage, physical action, music, dance, and personal memory. We embrace a minimalist aesthetic, eliminating the techno-frenetic noise of modern life to bring clarity to the actor-witness relationship. Simultaneously ancient and new, beautiful and essential, our ensemble-creative-mind's distinct aesthetic signature is Theatre of Polyphony.

The co-artistic directors' artistic lineage traces a direct line through the Central and Eastern European heritage of Meyerhold, and Vakhtangov through Jerzy Grotowski (Polish Theatre Lab and Objective Drama) and his two longtime collaborators, James Slowiak and Jairo Cuesta.

Company members are Annie Paladino, Emily Jo Testa, Joseph Lavy, Margaretta Campagna, Matt Sherrill, Sara Kaus, Tyler Polumsky, and Zhenya Lavy. Our Junior Artistic Associate is Catherine Lavy.
Akropolis Performance Lab receives sustained support funding from 4Culture.