Wintergrass Music Festival

Wintergrass Music Festival is committed to preserving and promoting traditional acoustic American music through presentation and education, with special attention given to the bluegrass music community. Wintergrass Music Festival, an annual indoor festival, delightfully engages and inspires all ages to participate in music education and acoustic live performance experiences. Wintergrass is a family friendly festival that offers music education from 4 years old through adulthood.

Address:PO Box 2024
Milton, WA 98354
Phone Number:253-428-8056
If ever there was a moment when you question the generosity and goodness of your fellow friends, take a moment to acknowledge our major supporters. They believe that Wintergrass matters, that kids matter, offering music education to people that are underserved and helping Wintegrass continue to create and re-create an experience that touches the hearts of many. Wintegrass is simply grateful to the people who support our programs. Some of our supporters are Nechville Musical Instruments, Bellevue Arts Commission, Hales Ales, 4 Culture, Port of Seattle, Washington Acoustic Music Association, Lucky Eagle,, Peghead Naton, ArtistWorks, Bowerman Guitars, Ruby Jewel Productions and Ted Brown Music.
Wintergrass is known for its innovative approach to music. Held at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, the Wintergrass community includes kids, young adults, artists, students, volunteers, business and civic leaders. Collaboratively, they create a four-day festival that has deep resonance in the heart and minds of all participants. Everyone has a creative role at Wintergrass. The emerging and accomplished artists are asked for their creative input. Past students become advisory members and assistant educators. Volunteers revel in their leadership roles. Wintergrass Music Festival is one of the few festivals that welcome and honor 344 volunteer who pass on the importance of acoustic music, education and community. Together, the Wintergrass family embraces values that include Integrity, Beauty, Generosity and Abundance.
Among the 200 artists and educators who participate each year from around the region, nation and the world, there are also 12,000 festival-goers who attend. Over half of the festival goers bring acoustic instruments to create spontaneous jam sessions throughout the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The music vendors and corporate sponsors also are committed to the festival. They create an experience for the first-time visitor to the long-time player. Wintergrass Music Festival is a culture of inclusion, compassion, vision and belief, that listening to and playing music is a significant component to a healthy lifestyle.