STACKEDD was conceived as an online publication that invited female-identifying people and traditionally marginalized communities to diversify the landscape of opinions in Seattle media. Well read, award-winning and incredibly influential, we seek to continue as a non-profit training program. STACKEDD contributors now can be seen in Teen Vogue, Vice, the Fader, Dope, The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, The Seattle Times, and numerous online publications.

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Phone Number: 206-356-8185
EIN: 91-2138554
In a climate that saw four major feminist-centric publications close in 2016 alone, operating as a paid publication with over 80 freelance contributors became financially unfeasible. But we recognized what we did best was discover new talent and prepare them for work in their chosen field, so we have now become a non-profit focused on creating the same style of superior coverage from fresh and emerging talent. We also look to provide sliding scale workshops on entering media for folx who want to learn how to best contribute their voices.

Given where we are politically inserting well-trained and fearless contributors from traditionally marginalized communities into media coverage is more vital than ever.

Our program is a six-month online residency (with an option for another six) that provides an unrestricted stipend (the amount of which varies on the position) upon completion and portfolio-worthy pieces- all while covering Seattle and National subject matter with our signature twist. Our funding goal for 2017 is $25,000.

The publication will be run by the contributors and overseen by long-time Founder Ma'Chell Duma and program will feature:

1 Local Political Reporter whose main assignment will be to cover Seattle's political landscape with special focus on the Mayoral Campaign of Nikkita Oliver. Must live in the Seattle Area.

2 Arts and Entertainment reporters covering both Seattle and National stories via Q&A's, think pieces and criticism. One candidate must be Seattle-based, One position is open Nationally.

2 General Interest writers to cover social commentary, local events, and issues that reside outside of the areas stipulated above. One Seattle-based and one National position are available.

1 Editor- in-Training- This is a position for someone with two years of writing experience that would like to make the transition to editorial work. Preference will be given to Seattle applicants, but we are open to National submissions.

2 Photographers- Both positions are Seattle based. Both will contribute content from live events and editorial work (assigned and/or your own pictorials). Participants will also be given the opportunity to be shown locally in a Seattle gallery, mentorship from professionals in your field and assistance with technical aspects of the shoots.

2 Graphic Artists- Contributors will be given assigned graphic work to accompany our stories as well as the ability to showcase their own work monthly. They will be given the opportunity to show in a Seattle gallery. One Seattle-based and one National position.

1 Social Media Assistant- For someone who wants to turn their social media habits into a profitable skill. First preference will be given to Seattle-based applicants. Reports to the Editor in Training and COO.