Climate Change for Families

Climate Change for Families brings youth & families together for inter-generational action to accelerate our climate recovery. Establishing and growing Plant-for-the-Planet is the key focus of Climate Change for Families.

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Address:1615 N 41st Street
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone Number:406-239-7378
Climate Change for Families' flagship program Plant-for-the-Planet was started in 2007 by 9-year-old Felix Finkbeiner, a German fourth grade student who is now 17 and named European of the Year 2015. The kids of Plant-for-the-Planet have incorporated a 3-Point Climate Recovery Plan:

1. Plant 1000 billion trees by 2020 to absorb CO2-13 billion have already been planted
2. Leave fossil fuels in the ground with a goal of zero emissions by 2050
3. Fight poverty through climate justice

Plant-for-the-Planet offers trainings called Academies where children 8-14 years old are empowered to become a part of a worldwide network of Climate Justice Ambassadors. At the Academies children further their knowledge about the climate crisis and global justice, learn how to plant trees, give a climate justice lecture, and organize planting sessions. Currently, more than 45,000 children ages 8-14 are Climate Justice Ambassadors in over 130 countries around the world. Climate Change for Families has trained over 500 Ambassadors in the WA Pacific Northwest. In addition to hosting Academies, Climate Justice Ambassadors have formed clubs around the world. The clubs organize planting parties, demonstrations, nature outings, speak at hearings, rallies, and meet with government leaders to discuss climate change including Seattle City Council and Governor Inslee.

Judge Hollis Hill ruled 12/20/16 that the five Plant-for-the-Planet youths who sued the Department of Ecology for failing to take action on climate change can again move forward, now with a constitutional climate rights claim that adds the state of Washington. The court granted the youth's request "due to the emergent need for coordinated science based action by the state of Washington to address climate change before efforts to do so are too costly and too late."

Climate Change for Families serves as a clearinghouse for inter-generational climate justice, a resource for families and youth to generate community, and as a catalyst for regional, national, and international action to protect the next generation. We work with multiple organizations, including 350 Seattle, Our Children's Trust, Our Horizon, and The Climate Reality Project. Climate Change for Families devotes most time to multiplying the efforts of youth who speak out and plant trees as Plant-for-the-Planet Climate Justice Ambassadors, however we also host a variety of other events to engage the community in climate action such as workshops, street theater, and rallies.